backup card


Easily create a handwritten backup. The card is

made of ageing-resistant professional archival paper. It comes with self-laminating cards and can be laminated without a lamination machine.

The included Instructions guide you through every step of backing up your wallet.

Create an analog backup for bitcoin/ crypto wallet now

Why is this important?
 It ensures that your funds can be restored even if you lose or break your wallet.


Create an additional analog backup by writing down the 12/24 seed words (recovery words) of your wallet. The aging resistent paper of the apocalypseed backup card ensure long-term storage of your seed words (and optionally your passphrase) which will last for generations. This backup is secure, transparent and doesn’t rely on any proprietary technology or service provider.


Aging Restinance

The backup card consists of high-quality professional archival paper, which is chlorine-free and acid-free. This makes your backup travel easily through time and space.

Ease of use

Your card come with clear instructions which guide you through the whole process of saving your 12/24 seed words (and optionally your passphrase). Intuitively and easy.

Protection through lamination

Each card comes by default with a self-laminating card, which protects against moisture and physical wear and tear. It also adds more security against unrecognized access or manipulation.

Opaque through thickness

The 350g/m2 paper used for the card doesn't allow any light to come through. This is important so nobody can secretly use a flashlight to check out your seed word without your knowledge.

“Anything that can go wrong will go wrong” – Murphy´s LAw


Apocalypseed is the easiest and cheapest way for effective georedundant storage of multiple wallet backup. As Ian Malcom in Jurassic Park pointed out: If anything . What’s the use of the best steel wallet on the planet, when you have no more access to it?! And multiple steel wallets can be very expensive (and not really practical). Therefore our conclusion after years of experimentation: user-friendly georedundancy >= steel/titan.

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